• Tosta D’Oro Pure Colombia Coffee Beans

    Tosta D’Oro Pure Colombia Coffee Beans

    Smooth with a hint of nuttiness and naturally low in caffeine our Tosta D’Oro Pure Columbian Blend will spark your imagination of the culture and character of Columbia as you enjoy the flavours and aromas of this delicious well balanced coffee blend.

    Specific grinds are available, please contact the Sales Team.

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    Tostadoro Coffee Blend

    Tosta D’Oro Coffee

    Here at Skoulikas Bedford Limited we have our own established and renowned totally independent fine label Tosta D’Oro coffee roasting operation. We are proud creators and suppliers of our own carefully selected Tosta D’Oro brand and comprehensive range of delicious coffee blends together with a wide range of coffee bar products.

    Combining many years’ experience of roasting and blending, our Tosta D’Oro coffee range brings you an outstanding collection of coffee combinations to suit every taste, palate and budget.

    From our smooth delicate flagship Original blend, originally created many years ago, which offers you full aroma and a real taste of Italian espresso to our Prima blend perfect for the coffee connoisseur.

    Our passion and dedication ensure that our coffee fusions are second to none and continue to meet the rigorous challenges and demands of today’s expansive and competitive coffee market.

    Many important factors have to connect together in order to produce a great cup of coffee, the first factor being a distinctive coffee blend itself. Having our own independent in house coffee blending, roasting, grinding and packing operation enables us to remain flexible and sensitive to our customer’s needs and tastes. Thus, we are able to offer a variety of grinds, roasts and own label options thus maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.

    We source worldwide and purchase the finest Arabica, Columbian, Santos and Robusta coffee beans which we sort prior to blending each coffee combination in our fine Tosta D’Oro range.

    You will find our full flavored fabulous and unique range of coffee blends in many delicatessens and stores nationally for your indulgence.

    Our renowned catering range offers superb quality and confidence in aroma and taste and extensive solutions to the coffee bar industry which is complimented by our distinctive and stylish coffee bar range of modern accessories, including our delightful espresso and cappuccino coffee cups and saucers for every discerning coffee connoisseur nationwide.

If you require any further information (IE Nutritional) please contact the sales office that will be pleased to help

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