About Skoulikas Bedford Ltd

The Company

The merger of Bedford Continental and Skoulikas Limited took place on the 1st January 2016 and Mr. George Carroll was duly appointed Managing Director of the joint venture under the new name of Skoulikas Bedford Limited.

Our current product portfolio includes some of Greece and Italy's premier brands together with many carefully selected regional products capturing the diversity and authenticity of traditional Greek and Italian cuisine. Many of our ingredients are sourced personally by our dedicated staff from respected ethical farms in the heart of the Mediterranean, primarily Greece, Italy, France and Spain. By merging the two companies we are able to offer an eclectic range of ingredients, flavours, aromas and textures that will sate any palate.

Skoulikas Bedford Limited currently has the following well respected and established own brands:

  • Sunita
  • Hellenic Sun
  • Olivia Soap
  • Tosta D’Oro

We have our own established and renowned independent in house Coffee Roasting operation, blending and packing coffee for both the retail and catering industries. We have created our own carefully selected Tosta D’Oro brand and coffee blends incorporating an exclusive range of coffee bar products.

Skoulikas Bedford Limited is proud to announce that we have the sole rights to import the following brands to the United Kingdom:

  • Quinua Real
  • Isola Bio
  • Celestial Seasoning
  • Carlo Crivellin
  • Mantovanelli
  • Piselli
  • Basso
  • Fraccaro
  • Ricciardi
  • Tonon
  • Pezzullo
  • Caroni

The ethos, values and philosophy of Skoulikas Bedford Limited remain unchanged and as important today as when each family founded the original organisations. The longevity of each company bears testament to this philosophy as we continue to expand our range of products, maintain quality, keep up with new technology and offer unprecedented customer satisfaction. We remain steadfast to our uncompromised founding values, philosophy and ethical and environmental trading policies, which has enabled us to establish long standing and loyal custom while acknowledging new market trends and customer demands over many decades.

Our modern distribution center in Bedford is ideally located logistically within easy reach of all major motorways enabling us to offer a quick and reliable national service to wholesale, manufacturing, catering, cash and carry and retail.

The Future

Whilst strong synergies remain based on historic markets, today, Skoulikas Bedford Ltd are well placed to meet the demands and trends of a rapidly changing market with diverse dietary demands. With an ever increasing awareness of Organic and “Free From” products, SBL are constantly sourcing responsible producers offering quality and safe products at affordable prices. SBL are determined to remain steadfast to the long established ethos of quality and service whilst remaining innovative and competitive in order to meet all the demands of today’s consumer.

With our wide range of premier food products, exquisite range of Tosta D’Oro Coffee Blends and our experienced staff team we strongly believe that Skoulikas Bedford Limited is well placed to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

Maintaining quality, taste and variety is paramount to management and our dedicated staff team; we look forward to continued progress, achievements and success for many more years.

Skoulikas Bedford Ltd
52 Harrowden Road
MK42 0SP.
Tel:+44 (0) 1234 354 783
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Skoulikas Bedford recognises the need to treat Personal Data in an appropriate and lawful manner and is committed to complying with its obligations as set out under the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force on 25th May 2018. A copy of our privacy policy is available from GDPR@totalproduce.com