Skoulikas Bedford Ltd Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We at Skoulikas Bedford Ltd. make every effort to ensure that our fine foods and consumer products are safe. They are of a high quality satisfying our customers’ expectations.

We are dedicated to guarantee to:

  • Meet our obligation to supply legal and safe products.
  • Carefully select high quality products capturing the demands and trends of a rapidly changing market.
  • Constantly source responsible Suppliers offering quality, safe products and following ethical standards.
  • Work closely with our producers to maintain the quality and food safety of our established own brands.

We are working to deploy a rigorous BRCGS Storage & Distribution standard, while complying to all applicable local and international legal requirements. 

Thereby ensuring that we:

  • Remain steadfast to the long-established ethos of food safety, quality and service in a timely, accurate and reliable manner whilst remaining competitive to meet all the demands of today’s Customers.
  • Implement a deep evaluation of suppliers to provide safe and high-quality products, but also reduce the risks of our supply chain.
  • Build a successful safety culture by following safe working practices and procedures developed through effective hazard analysis, training, and experience.
  • Maintain a robust Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) to control any risk to product safety.
  • Allocate necessary resources and provide the required training to all employees.

We believe that the continual improvement of our customers safety approach is based on the commitment and contribution of all employees toward food safety and on upgrading their knowledge and skills on food safety.

The Management of Skoulikas Bedford Ltd. ensures that this Policy is effectively communicated and implemented throughout the company.

TPH (UK) Limited Tax Strategy

Date of publication: 7th November 2023

This this tax strategy applies to the year ended 31 December 2023

TPH (UK) Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Total Produce International Holding Limited.  The ultimate controlling party is Dole Plc.   TPH (UK) Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales.

This strategy applies to TPH (UK) Limited and all UK subsidiaries as listed in Appendix 1 which are ultimately controlled by Dole plc.  In this strategy TPH (UK) Limited, ‘the company’ or the ‘the group’ reflect all the UK entities.  By making this strategy available TPH (UK) Limited is fulfilling its responsibilities under Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016.

Tax Governance

This tax strategy applies from the date of publication until it is superseded.   This tax strategy applies to all UK taxes applicable to TPH (UK) Limited and the document is owned by the Board of Directors of TPH (UK) Limited (“the Board”).  The finance teams of TPH (UK) Limited are accountable to the Board for the implementation of the tax strategy and the management of tax and related risk.

Managing Tax Risk

TPH (UK) Limited aim to reduce tax risk arising from its operations as far as is reasonably practicable by ensuring that substantial care is applied in relation to all processes which could materially affect its compliance with its tax obligations.

TPH (UK) Limited manages risk to ensure compliance with legal requirements in a manner which ensures payment of the right amount of tax in a timely manner.

Processes relating to different taxes are allocated to appropriate process owners.  Appropriate training is provided to staff to ensure robust controls remain in order to minimise risk.

External advice from tax professionals is obtained where required.

Tax Planning

TPH (UK) Limited does not engage in artificial transactions in order to reduce its UK tax liabilities.   However TPH (UK) Limited does seek to make use of available tax incentives, reliefs and exemptions in line with tax legislation.  



Level of Risk

TPH (UK) Limited seek to comply fully with its regulatory and other obligations and to act in a way which upholds its reputation.  TPH (UK) Limited seeks to do this through:

  • Submission of all UK tax returns on a timely basis.
  • Paying the appropriate amount of tax at the right time.  Where this view may differ from HMRC the Company aims to be transparent about the position taken.
  • Maintain tax accounting arrangements which are robust and accurate and comply with the Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) provisions in the UK.
  • Ensuring all tax submissions are adequately supported with the appropriate documentary evidence.

Relationship with HMRC

TPH (UK) Limited aim to have a transparent relationship with HMRC which includes attending or hosting face-to-face meetings with HMRC as required.


When submitting information to HMRC, TPH (UK) Limited discloses all facts and identifies any transactions or issues where it considers that there is potential for the tax treatment to be uncertain.


Any inadvertent errors in submissions are notified to HMRC immediately with supplementary evidence where required.




Appendix 1

The UK legal entities covered by this Tax Strategy are:

  • TPH (UK) Limited
  • Burbank Produce Limited
  • Mark Murphy & Partner Limited
  • Bristol Fruit Sales (Market) Limited
  • Oval (2143) Limited
  • R Group Holdings Limited
  • Redbridge Holdings Limited
  • Redbridge Produce & Flowers Limited
  • Redeva Limited
  • Saybest Limited
  • Sighthill Limited
  • Total Berry Limited
  • Total Produce Holdings (UK) Limited
  • Dole Limited
  • Total Produce Pension Scheme Trustees Limited
  • Francis Nicholls Pension Scheme Trustees Limited
  • Dole UK Limited
  • TJ Barnes Limited
  • T&JB Produce Limited
  • Planet Produce
  • Provenance Partners Limited
  • Four Seasons Harvest Limited
  • North Down (Belfast) Limited
  • Dole Belfast Limited
  • Get Fresh NI Limited
  • Northern Ireland Fruit & Vegetable Centre (Wholesale) Ltd 
  • Tom Conaty Limited
  • Northern Growers Limited
  • Daniel P Hale Limited 
  • Bedford Skouilkas Limited
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